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Full time wife and mother of two beautiful children: my 5 year old daughter Clarke and my 6 year old son, Ace. Prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

The Burn Out

We all run out of steam from time to time; its only natural, but what’s most important is that we don’t quit. In my experience, burnout is the result of speed without vision–running full speed without focus. Pace yourself or the burn out is sure to come. What kind of sense does it make to start a 5 mile run full speed? Likely you’ll end up passed out on the ground with a pulled hamstring. I  don’t advise that you walk the entire race, but it is important not to start off so fast that you can’t finish!  Continue reading


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These Kids Today!!

 I overheard some attorneys talking about these “kids today”. They swapped horror stories and complained about their interns and new associates. “These kids today have such a sense of entitlement”. “These kids today have no work ethic”.  And although I have definitely met my share of lazy law students, perhaps for some of us law students our work ethic hasn’t changed, but our values have. Continue reading

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Leading From Behind

My three year old son, Ace,  loves to help out with his little sister, Clarke. To the detriment of my toes, he especially loves to help push Clarke in her stroller.  He stands behind her stroller, which is twice as tall as he is, and uses all of his strength to push her forward. Although he’s not directly in front of her, he is pushing and leading her in the right direction.

Typically when people think of a leader they think of the one in front of the crowd, but I’ve found that the most effective leaders are those that lead from behind. The people that have had the greatest influence in my life have been those that have stood behind me and pushed me in the right direction. They unselfishly used their strength to push my weight when I felt like I couldn’t go any further. Each push led has led me to where I am now. Continue reading


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If We Want, We Look…

“If we want we look”, my mother would playfully tease, as I frantically searched for something that was obviously right in front of me.  I’d l down and there it was! I never thought that my mother’s silly maxims would be so useful to me now that I’m in law school.   I’ve been warned of the tumultuous job market; however, my optimism remains intact for “if we want we look.” Continue reading

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