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I am from Castalian Springs, TN and a graduate of Gallatin High School. I am finishing my final year at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After graduation and passing the bar, I am interested in practicing in Family Law and Juvenile Justice.

The End of the Road or the Road Ahead…?

Tomorrow begins the process of my last registration for law school courses.  At some point this weekend, I will log on to our university’s bidding system, offer some points for some classes that I am interested in, and pray that my bids are accepted.  It is my last opportunity to select classes that will prepare me for the Bar exam or for the job that I hope to have one day.  I am nearly at the end of my road of “graduate education” and I cannot resist the urge to glance behind me with the hope that it will convince me that I am truly ready for what lies ahead.

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The Job Search: A Professional Dating Game

It takes a lot of courage to tell someone that you are interested in them. You might venture to say “hi” or strike up what you hope is a “casual” conversation. You invest countless hours observing them and finding out what things they like. If you are a law student, you scope out future employers just like you nervously glanced at that guy or girl in the coffee shop or the one that sat behind you in your Torts class. Somehow, you discover that you have several things in common and you begin to look for a chance to get to know them better. Instead of sending a text, you sit down and write that cover letter:

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The End Is Just the Beginning

I am excited to start this final stage of my law school experience and I am honored to have the opportunity to share it with you.  As I get deeper into each semester, I find that it is very easy to focus too much on the next deadline or the next exam and I confess that I sometimes forget to look around.  So, I am grateful for these chances to reflect and remind myself of who I am, what I do, and why I decided to sign up for three years of this.  The vast majority of my thoughts will lean towards looking ahead to what lies beyond the doors of our law building.  Today, however, I think it is appropriate to remember how I started out on this journey. Continue reading

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