The Law Launch Project: Graduation Edition

In the June issue of the Tennessee Bar Journal, we look at how members of the Project are feeling about the end of this road called Law School. A little more than half of the group have jobs lined up, but it’s still early since the Bar isn’t for another 6 weeks.

LLP Graduation Edition_art

The story is a reflection and a look forward:

“As the students look back, many seem a little bit in shock. They are proud that they were able to weather the unsteadiness, the unending reading and somehow were able to juggle all that while still (in varying degrees) living their lives.
Their comments may sound familiar to you lawyers — that last year of law school is probably still seared into your brain — but some things are likely a little different in 2014 than when you came through.”

These are some interesting people who have overcome much and accomplished a major goal. Read their stories here:  LawLaunch_Grad_June2014


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