Skyrockets in flight…afternoon delight…aaaaafffffternoon delight!

This is possibly my all time favorite song and this post has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the song so don’t panic.  What it does have to do with is the fun we can have in law school.  Were we not able to laugh at the things we don’t know, the people we go to school with and mostly ourselves, I can assure you we would never have made it this far.  There have been times in my four years I have had to leave class because I was about to burst out laughing in the middle of a lecture.  Could be from something that happened, one of our witty professors or something someone (myself included) had said.  Either way, I have bitten my lip, literally, and had tears streaming down my face more than once.  Mind you, this all happened after my 1L year when I was scared to even smile or have an emotion.  But the story of Afternoon Delight is one for the books…

We were sitting in contracts class and I clearly was not paying attention.  I know and freely admit this fact.  I was messing with my iPhone and wanted to put the ring tone of Afternoon Delight on my phone for the feral esquire (not for the reason you are thinking).  We had been laughing during a break about how much he hated the song and how much I love it, probably a boy v. girl mentality.  So I get the genius idea to continue to mess with said phone during class and assign this ringtone to him.  I had it on vibrate, what more could happen.  Well right in the middle of Professor Lyon’s riveting lecture, it began to play and play loudly.  I am sure you realize the more you try to stop your phone from making noises, the less successful you are.  So it played and played and played.  I am not good at hiding something like an accidental playing of a 70’s mega hit so all eyes were on me.  And all I could say was sorry.  At least he had a sense of humor and said that was possibly the funniest thing that has ever happened during a lecture. And honestly, it was pretty hilarious.

Laughter is so important to our survival in life and in law school.  We are so lucky to have some of the most hilarious professors in school.  They make us laugh, laugh with us and I am sure, laugh at us when we aren’t around.  I love to laugh, albeit a lot of the time it probably is not the best thing in the given situation.   In the words of the great philosopher Jimmy Buffett, if we weren’t all crazy we would all go insane.  So relax and laugh.  If you need something to make you smile, just start singing those words…aaaaaaaffffffternoon delight! Dare you to do it and not smile 🙂


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