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The reality is finally starting to set in. When I leave my Domestic Relations class (lecture) tonight it will be for the last time. All that is left are the final exams. We’ve all worked so hard and put in countless hours of study it seems hard to believe the time has finally arrived. What a bittersweet moment it is. Continue reading


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You learn by living

Hrs away from the very last law school class. At a wonderful immigration law seminar by the TBA learning to help others to avoid deportation. I’m soooo ready to practice!

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You’re Up

The next time the Tennessee Bar Association posts a story like this, your name will be on the list (YES IT WILL):

Tennessee Bar Exam Results Now Available

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Skyrockets in flight…afternoon delight…aaaaafffffternoon delight!

This is possibly my all time favorite song and this post has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the song so don’t panic.  What it does have to do with is the fun we can have in law school.  Were we not able to laugh at the things we don’t know, the people we go to school with and mostly ourselves, I can assure you we would never have made it this far.  There have been times in my four years I have had to leave class because I was about to burst out laughing in the middle of a lecture.  Could be from something that happened, one of our witty professors or something someone (myself included) had said.  Either way, I have bitten my lip, literally, and had tears streaming down my face more than once.  Mind you, this all happened after my 1L year when I was scared to even smile or have an emotion.  But the story of Afternoon Delight is one for the books… Continue reading

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Law School by the numbers

numbersI notice a trend among 3L’s…we have become mathematicians.  Well maybe not full-fledged mathematicians, but we are sure doing a lot of counting these days…most of which is counting down.  I know I am as guilty of this as anyone…in just a few hours I will be down to 3 days of showing up for classes.  Notice I didn’t say 3 days left…so maybe some of that “thinking like a lawyer” has sunk in over the last 3 years because I am counting in a light most favorable to my position.  This counting down has got me thinking about some things…so here goes my law school experience by the numbers. (Please excuse my math if a few of these are rounded off, after all if I could do real math I would have gone to medical school…right?)

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