They’d call us gypsies, tramps and thieves…

Honestly I’m not sure what they would call us, but I would call us a menagerie of people who are trying to finish our last semester of law school.  We just finished what we hope are the last law school midterms we will ever have to take.  And boy are  we glad that mess is over.  We have our eye on the prize of 80 days until graduation!! Still some work left though, papers to write and finals to take, but it is getting so close now.  I realize as we are getting closer that there is such an array of people who make up our class that it warranted talking about.  I hope none of us are gypsies, tramps or thieves, but who am I to judge them anyway…

Our school is unique in that we do have a day program and a night program.  Most of us in the night program are older, have full-time jobs and families.  And most of the day class are younger, work part-time and some are married.  We often have classes together in the evening due to some wacky scheduling thing so I have gotten to know some of these young ones ( I likely could be their mother).  It is so great to see some of the people who you just know will do good when they get out there in the legal world.  Some, you wonder if they will be the first to get in trouble. 

The night class that I am in has been whittled down over the last four years from a starting group of 40 to 19.  We are the hearty ones, made from good stock who can’t afford to pay back those student loans if we had left early.  Some quit by choice, some didn’t.  Some people didn’t even come back after the first day of orientation!  Slackers.  So the ones of us that are left have definitely gotten to know each other pretty well.  We have worked on projects together and have fought to the death (slight exaggeration) in oral arguments.  And here we are, about to graduate together and go out into the big cruel world as baby lawyers and change the universe.  Doubt the last part happens but we can try.  With each unique person in my class, I know there will be some great things accomplished.  Maybe together we can help out those gypsies, tramps and thieves.


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  1. I loved your line “We are the hearty ones, made from good stock who can’t afford to pay back those student loans if we had left early.” very accurate. Good luck to you and your hearty classmates…I will look forward to entering into the practice with y’all.

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