steps and more steps…

As my mind wonders about the value of my legal education at NSL and whether to start my law practice here in TN, in FL, or both, the doubts and hopes are fighting with each other. Hard to predict the future when the focus now is to pass the BAR exam.

A wise and helpful step was to enroll in the Law Office Management Elective Course. The professor is doing a great job at teaching and scaring those wanting to start on their own.

Another step was to contact the FL BAR to inquiry about my chances for practicing Federal Law there without having to take the FL BAR. Fortunately, Florida cannot enjoin an activity as the unlicensed practice of law if a federal rule or regulation allows a nonlawyer or lawyer licensed in another state to engage in the activity. Several federal agencies have rules that allow an attorney admitted in any state to practice before the agency. Some examples include the Department of Homeland Security (immigration), the IRS (tax), and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (patents and trademarks). Thus, an out-of-state licensed attorney may practice in these areas in Florida to the extent allowed by the federal regulations. That is good news.

The rest is to be mentally prepared for an unforgettable summer…………


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