The End of the Tunnel

As the ninety-days-until-I-graduate mark came and went, I began to realize that my twenty years of education is coming to an end.  This semester is quite a bit different than the nineteen leading up to it, though.  As I have talked about in previous blog posts, many third-year law students spend their time golfing, taking trips to Tunica, and occasionally going to class.  My experience is anything but golfing.

In addition to being a law student, I am a part-time a law clerk at DeSalvo & Levine, an entertainment firm on West End, which has allowed me to start getting real job experience in the field in which I am going to spend my career.  I am additionally spending time interning at the Tennessee Supreme Court, which has shown me a lot about good lawyering and bad lawyering.  [Quick side bar: do not take a grievance against you in Board of Professional Responsibility to the Tennessee Supreme Court unless you plan to show up on the day of the oral arguments.]

Anyway, I consider all of these activities essential to my legal education—essential to making me a good lawyer.  The end of the law school tunnel is drawing near, and other than a quick road block called the bar, life as a lawyer waits on the other side.  While the law market is now finally starting to turn around (allegedly), the sense of urgency that the recession put in this generation of law students has better prepared us to join the noble profession.


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  1. Jeffrey W. Sheehan

    J.P., I like your observation about the difference between the golf-and-Tunica final year and the clerkship-internship-journal final year. You could do less, but it’s hard to pass on things that either prepare you for next year or provide valuable experiences that only law students can get. 73 days left. Congratulations on making them count!

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