The Focus Shifts to Passing the Bar Exam.

Up until now, my focus during this last year has been on (1) passing my classes, (2) gaining as much experience as I can through various internships and clerkships, (3) networking, and (4) looking for and finalizing any job offers. But now, with graduation practically assured, my focus shifts to passing the Bar exam.

Sounds simple. Just another test. Heck, even the subjects are the same (Con Law, Torts, Contracts, etc.). Nothing new. A piece of cake. Right? Don’t count on it!

The Bar exam is one test for “all the marbles!” Pass it and they call me a lawyer. Fail it and they tell me better luck next time (Ouch!). To pass, all I have to do  is “know the law” and apply it to “any given situation” from memory. Ironically, once I do pass the Bar I will never again be required to quote “chapter and verse” without having the opportunity to research the law as it pertains to the issues. Is it fair? Probably not, but it is the price of admission.

So, as I wind down the law school portion of my journey, I am gearing up for the next phase, Bar prep. More on that next time.


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