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They’d call us gypsies, tramps and thieves…

Honestly I’m not sure what they would call us, but I would call us a menagerie of people who are trying to finish our last semester of law school.  We just finished what we hope are the last law school midterms we will ever have to take.  And boy are  we glad that mess is over.  We have our eye on the prize of 80 days until graduation!! Still some work left though, papers to write and finals to take, but it is getting so close now.  I realize as we are getting closer that there is such an array of people who make up our class that it warranted talking about.  I hope none of us are gypsies, tramps or thieves, but who am I to judge them anyway… Continue reading


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This is getting serious

The Winter Bar Exam is TODAY and tomorrow. That means those of you about to graduate, you are NEXT. In the hole, as they would say if this was a rodeo. Which it kind of has been, right? Not to freak you out, but applications for the July exam, which is July 29-30, will open March 3, according to the Board of Law Examiners. Learn more here:


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steps and more steps…

As my mind wonders about the value of my legal education at NSL and whether to start my law practice here in TN, in FL, or both, the doubts and hopes are fighting with each other. Hard to predict the future when the focus now is to pass the BAR exam.
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The End of the Tunnel

As the ninety-days-until-I-graduate mark came and went, I began to realize that my twenty years of education is coming to an end.  This semester is quite a bit different than the nineteen leading up to it, though.  As I have talked about in previous blog posts, many third-year law students spend their time golfing, taking trips to Tunica, and occasionally going to class.  My experience is anything but golfing.

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The Focus Shifts to Passing the Bar Exam.

Up until now, my focus during this last year has been on (1) passing my classes, (2) gaining as much experience as I can through various internships and clerkships, (3) networking, and (4) looking for and finalizing any job offers. But now, with graduation practically assured, my focus shifts to passing the Bar exam. Continue reading

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The Burn Out

We all run out of steam from time to time; its only natural, but what’s most important is that we don’t quit. In my experience, burnout is the result of speed without vision–running full speed without focus. Pace yourself or the burn out is sure to come. What kind of sense does it make to start a 5 mile run full speed? Likely you’ll end up passed out on the ground with a pulled hamstring. I  don’t advise that you walk the entire race, but it is important not to start off so fast that you can’t finish!  Continue reading

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My brain really has been either asleep or nonfunctioning the past couple of months. I’m not sure if it is the excitement of graduation (94 days left), the anticipation of when my little princess gets to come home with me for the first time (111 days left), or a combination of both. Continue reading


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