Law School Love??

The title isn’t what you might expect!  I’m not writing about a law school romance with another person, but instead a law school romance with my 3L year.  

Most law students have heard that old saying: your 1L year, they scare you to death;  your 2L year, they work you to death;  your 3L year, they bore you to death.  Based on my 1L and 2L experience, this old saying was accurate.  I was both scared and worked to death.  Assuming I could rely on this old saying, I thought my 3L year would bore me to death.  That, however, has not been the case. 

I can honestly write that I  enjoyed every single class I took this past semester.  It wasn’t just the classes, though.  I loved the small classroom setting and the seminar environment of my courses.  I felt engaged in the discussion and wanted to participate in class.  My 1L and 2L worries were gone.  The old Socratic method was flung to a fresh new batch of 1Ls.  Now, professors allowed students to begin discussions and answer questions. No more cold calls and close-call heart attacks.

At Memphis (at least for my graduating class), 3Ls can select and schedule all of their classes.  Our 1L and 2L years were planned for us (which helps our bar passage rate, but makes some students, including myself, never want to look at an Income Taxation casebook again).  I could finally take Civil Rights, Comparative Law, and other courses that interested me.  Pure freedom in course selection! Sigh of relief!  But not only that, I could finally be in a small classroom setting with others who were also interested in the class. I was excited to go to Civil Rights every Monday and Wednesday, pumped to discuss Comparative Law in my seminar course, and was ready for Mediation on Wednesday nights.   No longer did I dread going to class or worry about Socratic shouts requesting that I accurately state the holding or procedural history  in front of seventy other students.  I was just happy to go to school and thankful for the opportunity. 

So, maybe LOVE is not the exact word to describe my overall law school experience.  But, love is the correct word to describe how I feel about my 3L year.  Lesson learned:  maybe I should remember what assume means and not always rely on those old sayings that law school students pass down to one another.


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