I want to fly like an eagle, till I’m free…

This is it.  This is my last semester of law school.  I am not entirely sure when this happened.  I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming that it really is nearing the end.  My mom and I spent part of Christmas break at the beach and I am pretty sure we pondered the finer points of where have four years gone about  100 times.  It’s one of those things that seems like it took forever, yet went by in a flash.  We still have classes to finish, bar prep to do and of course the bar, but really this is it.  What we have all worked for over the last three or four years is coming to a close within a few months.  All the hours, days and weeks we have spent studying are going to pay off soon (137 days till our graduation.  Just FYI).  With this impending end in sight, we are starting to wax poetic about the last four years, our friends and what it will be like when we are free to fly.

I was chatting with the feral esquire today about the void we would feel when this is done.  Even he can get a bit nostalgic on me sometimes.  He agrees it has gone by quickly, even though it sometimes felt like a time warp occurred and we were stuck in our first year.   We lived through the first semester, then the first year and it seemed manageable.  We were OCD about every little thing.  The panic seemed to lessen each semester and we began to settle into life in law school.  Fast forward to this semester and I had to actually look today to  see what class we had on what day and time, and in what room.  One week until we go back and neither I, nor the feral esquire had a clue what our schedule was.  It made us both laugh and me go digging into the schedule to figure it out for us. 

I am a bit freaked out by the fact there is no room for error in class now.  Before, there was the mentality that, I can just take it again next semester if some unforseen tragedy occurs and I don’t pass (that never happened by the way).  Now, this is for all the marbles.  The big kahuna.  The end.  No second chances this semester without having to reprint a bunch of grad party invites.  We have to finish.  Then we get that ONE day off between graduation and the bar prep course.  I’m already tired at the end of a semester, how I will keep the pace up until July 29th and 30th is a mystery to me right now.  But it must be done.  We must trudge on and finish strong and pass the bar the first time.  Partly because we can’t afford to pay to take it again.  Mostly so we can be free to fly!  Good luck on our last semester of law school!


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