Time for papers to be turned in!

OK every Law Student knows that it is the end of the semester and class papers are due…but let’s not forget the other papers that are being turned in at this time of year.  Don’t panic I’m not talking about an assignment; I’m talking about the papers being turned in all over Tennessee by candidates for office.  2014 is an important year for the elected portion of the legal system, and many offices that affect our future lives as at lawyers are going to be up for election.  Over the past few weeks candidates for these offices have begun turning in their paperwork to be on the ballet. 

So what does that have to do with us law students?  Plenty…if for example you plan to work in the criminal field like me, there are tons of Judges seeking re-election, and more than a few that are retiring leaving their seats open.  On top of that there are District Attorney Generals seeking election and re-election, as well as Public Defenders, and I have not even begun to discuss Clerks, Council positions, Sheriffs, etc. etc. etc.  So now is a great time to get to know the people who you will be working with as you enter into the legal field, candidates are very eager at this time to discuss with a law student about their views on key issues and programs.  If there is a candidate that you are particularly fond of this is a perfect time to volunteer for campaign events and network with others of similar views.  After the dust of the election settles you may have made yourself a few new friends who can help you get your legal legs under you over the next few years…and besides it just feels good to get involved in your community.

-Brett Knight


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