Bottom of the 9th

Bottom of the 9th. It’s your third or fourth time at bat (depending on whether you are a 3L or 4L). You’ve played a great game! You’ve fielded well and in your previous plate appearances, you’ve hit a single and a double. Now, it’s crunch time! The game is tied, 2 outs and you’re at the plate. First pitch, it’s a ball. Second pitch, you swing and miss. Strike one! The third pitch, another ball. The count is 2-1. You’re taking on the next pitch, the umpire yells “strike!” The count is now 2-2. You can feel your heart racing! You take a deep breath and exhale as the next pitch comes barreling towards you. Will you take and hope that the pitcher doesn’t throw that 3rd strike or do you swing for the fence?

Law school feels that way sometimes, especially when you are nearing the end. Reality sinks in. You must take (and pass) the MPRE, if you haven’t already. You must concentrate on your final classes long enough to pass them, and you must “find the time” to prep for the bar exam. You hope that all of the hard work, the long hours, the sacrifices you and your loved ones have made have prepared you for that final time at the plate, that last swing of the bat.

It’s all on you. Here’s the pitch, you swing and it’s a…


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