It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Well our last fall semester finals are upon us.  That joyous time of year when we miss Thanksgiving with our families and can’t get Christmas shopping done due to studying.  I know we all chose this life we lead, but heck I didn’t know I would miss the little kids growing up while I was in school and working full-time for four years.  So for the last time (hopefully) law school is the wet blanket on my holidays.  Please don’t misunderstand, after December 9, I am free as a bird until January 7.  Christmas is saved!!!

I know we are all so happy this is the last fall exam period we have.  We have grown weary, tired, and otherwise, over it all.  At least I speak for myself and some friends when I say that.  Exams may not seem as stressful as they did four years ago, or we are just numb to the pain now.  Probably the latter.  We kind of know what is coming now.  That initial semester we are were all stunned that anyone could and would take a 3 hour final filled with multiple guess and essay questions.  My mind was blown and my energy was zapped.  I’m still worn out when finals are over.  They suck all the life out of you.  Trying to condense a 1000 page book down to a sweet outline is stressful in itself.  Then trying to remember said book will wear you out. 

I have used up my share of the rain forest in these last few years.  Due to my elder age, I’m still fond of paper and pen when I study.  Just seems to help me remember it more when I write it down. I’m old school with my little notebooks and pens strewn about the house and work.  It’s gotten me this far so no need to switch it up now.   I know everyone has their own methods to study: outlines, flashcards, dry erase boards, prayer.  Some folks go into seclusion altogether, like the feral esquire.  Can’t find that boy when he studies for finals.  Hope I’m not in need of some emergency laughter, cause he is checked out til the very end!   

I wish everyone well on their final exams.  We will get our lives back next August and can enjoy the holidays again.  Just like normal people do.  Until they are over, just keep singing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”…the end of a semester!!!!!


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