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I want to fly like an eagle, till I’m free…

This is it.  This is my last semester of law school.  I am not entirely sure when this happened.  I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming that it really is nearing the end.  My mom and I spent part of Christmas break at the beach and I am pretty sure we pondered the finer points of where have four years gone about  100 times.  It’s one of those things that seems like it took forever, yet went by in a flash.  We still have classes to finish, bar prep to do and of course the bar, but really this is it.  What we have all worked for over the last three or four years is coming to a close within a few months.  All the hours, days and weeks we have spent studying are going to pay off soon (137 days till our graduation.  Just FYI).  With this impending end in sight, we are starting to wax poetic about the last four years, our friends and what it will be like when we are free to fly. Continue reading


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Job Report: ‘New Normal’ Leaves Many Students Anxious

As IF you all need to hear THAT. It’s not so bad — read this article in the December Tennessee Bar Journal and find out more about the job situation for your graduating class. Thanks to all the members of the Law Launch Project who contributed to the article.

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Time for papers to be turned in!

OK every Law Student knows that it is the end of the semester and class papers are due…but let’s not forget the other papers that are being turned in at this time of year.  Don’t panic I’m not talking about an assignment; I’m talking about the papers being turned in all over Tennessee by candidates for office.  2014 is an important year for the elected portion of the legal system, and many offices that affect our future lives as at lawyers are going to be up for election.  Over the past few weeks candidates for these offices have begun turning in their paperwork to be on the ballet. 

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Bottom of the 9th

Bottom of the 9th. It’s your third or fourth time at bat (depending on whether you are a 3L or 4L). You’ve played a great game! You’ve fielded well and in your previous plate appearances, you’ve hit a single and a double. Now, it’s crunch time! The game is tied, 2 outs and you’re at the plate. First pitch, it’s a ball. Second pitch, you swing and miss. Strike one! The third pitch, another ball. The count is 2-1. You’re taking on the next pitch, the umpire yells “strike!” The count is now 2-2. You can feel your heart racing! You take a deep breath and exhale as the next pitch comes barreling towards you. Will you take and hope that the pitcher doesn’t throw that 3rd strike or do you swing for the fence? Continue reading

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Well our last fall semester finals are upon us.  That joyous time of year when we miss Thanksgiving with our families and can’t get Christmas shopping done due to studying.  I know we all chose this life we lead, but heck I didn’t know I would miss the little kids growing up while I was in school and working full-time for four years.  So for the last time (hopefully) law school is the wet blanket on my holidays.  Please don’t misunderstand, after December 9, I am free as a bird until January 7.  Christmas is saved!!! Continue reading

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