We Don’t Need No Education, We Don’t Need No Thought Control…

Okay that title is not entirely true, clearly we need an education or we wouldn’t be in law school.  This post is more about how we think we don’t need an education or to study at this magical time of year, finals!  I can honestly state that some of my finest cleaning and chore catching up is done in the weeks leading up to finals.  I think after my first year, maybe first semester, I realized what valuable time this was when I didn’t have class at night and thought, wow that baseboard sure does need scrubbing.  I’m not alone in this I know.  I know a lot of people who become super productive when it is time to take law school finals.  Really, who doesn’t suddenly need to clean a closet at this precise point in time?

My personal pattern of cleaning, and thus avoidance of my books, has become so predictable that if I mention I have cleaned something at home, my friend Angie will say “Is it exam time?”  Sad really, but so true.  And it’s not the little stuff that I feel has to be done, it’s some major cleaning that I will undertake.  The longer it takes the better really.  Shannon and I are already making plans for this semesters final exam cleaning spree.  She does tend to do a lot of cooking and baking during this time as well.  To each his own, I can’t cook or bake so I clean only.  I think she has also done some home remodeling during one exam period.  It’s fascinating how productive we get at everything BUT studying during this time.  I have concerns that my house may be condemned after I graduate.   With no finals to avoid, what inspiration will I have to clean?

Maybe it is the thought that we will do better when put under the pressure of that last-minute studying that leads us to procrastinate.  After all, are we not ones who apparently thrive on pressure to start with?  Or maybe it is we are really tired of studying and can’t bear the thoughts of hours on end of reading our super outlines we have all made.  Either way, studying for finals is not on my top ten list of things to do.  Knowing that I only have to do this two more times does make this one a bit more tolerable than ones in the past I think.  I also  think the bathroom needs some real cleaning, right now!

Good luck to all of us taking our LAST fall finals.  Now go forth and clean!


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