Bar Prep Time. For some reason I feel this does not involve a Mai Tai.

I am currently taking a class called Tennessee Bar Preparation Studies I. At Lincoln Memorial University-Duncan School of Law it is not a requirement to take this course but strongly encouraged. However, all graduating students are required to take the Tennessee Bar Skills course. The bar studies class provides practices essays, while the bar skills class provides a simulation of the Multi-state Bar Examination (MBE). The course I am taking is writing intensive with quizzes given every other week. Although there are many days I dread the course, I know that this class is sharpening my skill in essay writing. 

Our first graduating class had a 81% bar passage rate from this past July. I strongly believe that the Tennessee Bar courses played a positive part. I think having these courses available is an excellent idea. They allow for us to get great start with practicing for the bar almost a year in advance.

With that being said, I am petrified about the idea of taking the bar. Although I am overjoyed that the past class did so well, there is still 19% that did not pass. I have spent time reaching out to graduates asking then their testing strategies, because the reality is even if I get a job I still have to PASS the bar. One thing I do know, is I plan to hire  a private tutor. I  really only want to deal with the headache of preparing and taking this exam once, so I will do everything in my power to have the necessary tools to do so.  Just thinking about the process of applying creates anxiety. I am not even sure if applying for the CIA is as hard.

What I do know is once this process is all over, I will have that Mai Tai.


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  1. Tennessee Bar Journal


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