The End of the Road or the Road Ahead…?

Tomorrow begins the process of my last registration for law school courses.  At some point this weekend, I will log on to our university’s bidding system, offer some points for some classes that I am interested in, and pray that my bids are accepted.  It is my last opportunity to select classes that will prepare me for the Bar exam or for the job that I hope to have one day.  I am nearly at the end of my road of “graduate education” and I cannot resist the urge to glance behind me with the hope that it will convince me that I am truly ready for what lies ahead.

There is this tingling sense of doubt hovering in my mind as I embark on this final semester.  What if I did not take the one course that would prepare me just a little bit more for the bar exam?  Have I done enough in the past two and a half years to make me appear as an eligible candidate for employment positions?  If I take these courses in the spring, will I be able to increase my GPA enough to make me more marketable?

That doubt can be paralyzing.  I am almost afraid to take another step down this road because I fear that I will be unable to face what lies ahead.  I am not sure if the end of the road is a dead end, an intersection, or just a turn that leads to a beautiful scenic route.   I just hope that, after all of this training in law school, I am prepared to take it on.

I have had my fair share of stumbles along the way, but I have successfully navigated almost five-sixths of the journey.  For me, the only decision is to keep moving forward.  So, I button up my coat, tuck my head in, and keep walking ahead.  No one ever said that this path would be easy.  I can only walk down it one day at a time and one foot in front of the other.  The end, or the beginning, is nearly in sight.


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