Applications, Applications, Applications.

And the job search continues . . . I mailed at least twenty judicial clerkship applications, both federal and state, to judges this summer.  I applied for at least seven judicial clerkships this fall.  Only one judge contacted me for an interview, along with very pleasant letters from judges indicating that the “position is filled” or  that the judge has a “career law clerk.”  

Currently, I have not applied for any jobs at law firms or any other type of legal job.  Over Christmas Break, I plan to research law firms and other legal jobs.  Though I neither have a job nor have a law clerk position, I believe that I will have a job by graduation.  Perhaps, it’s false optimism, but I think this jobless status just means I need to keep researching and applying for jobs.  So for now, I’ll just keep applying!



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2 responses to “Applications, Applications, Applications.

  1. Focused activity is the key factor in any job search. Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep us updated when the right one breaks through.

  2. Caroline Sapp

    Thanks, Brett! I’ll keep you updated!

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