525,600 minutes, how do you measure, measure a year?

Sometime last spring I set a countdown timer on my phone to May 17, 2014.  That’s the magic graduation day at school!  The timer said 1 year and some crazy number of days.  Today it says 207!  It is amazing how fast time goes in law school and yet how painfully slow it goes as well.  What is also amazing is how we live our lives in law school, seeing every day and every week as another one down and less to go before it is over. Mom says I am wishing my life away.  Wishing law school away is more like it.  I don’t recall at any other time in my long (I’m old remember) and storied academic career, living my life by so many days, hours and minutes.  But alas, there is nothing like law school either.

Not only do I have the ultimate countdown to graduation, I have the last day of class and the last day of finals on the phone too.  It could be that in my past lives I didn’t have an iPhone and no little quick countdown app to figure this stuff out, but I really think it is the law school mentality.  Shannon keeps me informed on the actual number of class nights we have left (Yes even the iPhone has limits on its ability to figure this out).   That would be 22 for this semester in case you were curious.   That number starts to make me a bit queasy as I realize, once again, I have yet to start my outlines that I promise myself I will do sooner each semester.  In my next to last semester, maybe I should just give up that pipe dream and realize it will get done at the end just like every semester before.  Why pressure myself?

Believe it or not, law school is full of numbers.  Odd since it is often said we go to law school because we don’t want to do math.  What percentage of our final grade is this paper?  How many points did we lose because we didn’t totally analyze the facts the way the professor wanted it?  What is our class rank and out of how many? How many classes can I miss and how many have I missed already? We look at our GPA down to the thousandth of a place.  We bring a calculator to our secured transaction exam.  Really, a calculator?  Our bar studies professor is like a walking data bank.  He tells us numbers every class; how often this was tested on the bar, when was the last time it was tested, and even how many marks we made on our exam in relation to our grade.  They lied, law school is all about the numbers.  Right now my favorite number is 207, tomorrow it will be 206.


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