Ob La Di, Ob La Da, Life Goes On…

It’s that most joyous time of year at our law school, midterms are over and grades will soon be posted.  While it is a bit odd to have midterms in law school , we do and they can be quite helpful (they are also painful so don’t be fooled that it is something we enjoy).  On the positive note, it is a way to see what the professor wants and how they  write their exams.  On a negative note, it’s another exam to study for and the then fret over the grade.  The fretting over the grade is what leads me to this blog.  I develop an ulcer every time we wait on grades.  It is nerve-racking and painful.  And after they are posted, life goes on.

Our grades are posted online as I’m sure most schools are.  That moment when you log in to your account and it is loading those grades makes me want to puke every time.  You know you studied and then your fate is no longer in your hands.  You are graded against your classmates and on this deep dark level you hope they were all as clueless as you were when you took that exam.  And the nerve of that one genius to ruin the curve for all of us average people!!  We have a group on Facebook and as soon as one person, usually Rob or Shannon, sees the grades come up, the posts begin to fly in our law school group.  Then of course we have to notify the anti-social via text (there is always one, the feral esquire being ours). 

I worry, and panic and whine every time we are waiting on grades.  I won’t lie, I’m a pain in the butt while we wait.  I pretty much have myself talked into failing any and every exam we take.  And then the grades are posted and I live to see the sun come up another day.  Law school grades are different than other grades.  I lived my entire educational life not knowing what a C was. Now I am alive and smelling roses with a C.  Odd how that changes.  It was hard for me when we started school to realize that a C is fine in law school and you will still graduate with said C.  I remember crying when I made my first C in law school.  My mom asked me if that would get me kicked out of law school.  Amidst the slobbering, I said no.  She said, well then quit crying and move on.  Now, in my last year of law school, I await the grades just like I have every semester, with nausea and fear.  Only difference is now I know that no matter what they are, life does go on.


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