Networking my way through Law School – Part 3 (of 3)

A Conversation with Marc Luber, creator of JD Careers Out There

As the 3rd , and final, part of the Networking my way through law school series I wanted to talk with an industry professional about networking in the legal world.  I was fortunate enough to make contact with Marc Luber, creator of JD Careers Out There.  Marc sat down with me and we talked about many things including the value and technique of successfully networking.  I left that conversation with some very keen insights into the concept of making connections that help build a career.

Marc helped me to frame the concept of developing and maintaining network connections as a direct comparison to developing and maintaining friendships.  As Marc put it “If you are trying to grow or build a career you want to get invited to the career party.”  You go about getting this invitation much the same way that you go about being invited to social parties.  “Through networking you’re getting to know people and make new friends.  The more friends you have the more parties you are going to get invited to.”

Marc was quick to point out that quantity of connections alone is not enough, that you must also have quality connections, which come from adding value.  “Networking is like a friendship, and a friendship is a two-way street.”  He compared adding value in a professional network to that of a lunch room swap.  “If you are not trading, if you are just taking and saying ‘Hey you got Fritos, Hey you got Doritos, Do you have an extra sandwich’ your friendship probably won’t last too long.  It’s really no different with networking, it has to be a two-way street, nobody wants to hang out with a taker.”

The overall message Marc was delivering was that networking need not be a scary or dreaded event.  In fact networking could, and should, be fun… after all who doesn’t like making friends.  Among the tips that Marc provided were to embrace technologies that can be used to market yourself.  On the flip side of the coin he advised to not forget the human social dynamics of making an impression. “Everyone needs to stand out, one way to stand out is to learn human interpersonal communication…life is not one giant text message or hashtag, you need to learn to be human, to look someone in the eye and have a conversation.”  Marc concluded our conversation with the advice that the JD, or any degree these days, does not guarantee success…you still have to go out and go fishing every day for the fish that you want.

I found Marc’s advice and outlook to be refreshing and inspiring.  We so often get caught up in the whirlwind of trying to succeed that we lose touch with the enjoyment of the process, I am reminded of the phrase that Steve Jobs was so fond of  “The journey is the reward”.  If we forget to enjoy the process of creating a successful career we will be left looking back with regret on the chances we missed along the way.  I take my conversation with Marc as an example, the chance to network with an industry leader in career placement and coaching was fantastic.  But just as valuable was the chance to enjoy a conversation with someone who shares a passion for what he is doing and the industry he serves.  No different than meeting an interesting person at a social event…a fun and rewarding experience.  I thought it fitting after all the talk of the NEED to network that we end on the concept that as Marc would say … networking is like making friends, and who doesn’t like making friends.


If you would like to listen to the complete conversation with Marc Luber select the player below.


-Brett Knight


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