“There’s always room for another good one.”

Like many of my colleagues at Nashville School of Law my journey to a career in the law has been a circuitous one. First came family and career obligations. Then as the automotive and IT business environment changed, I found myself on the outside looking in. I was first encouraged by my daughters and then by friends to go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree. During that time the possibility of law school was mentioned by one of my professors and after much prayer and soul searching I realized that an opportunity had been presented to me that would never repeat itself.

I will not wax poetic here and talk about the high ideals of being an attorney except to say I believe it is a profession whose integrity has become impeached over the years by bad jokes, bad behavior, and, on occasion, even worse press.  And that’s a shame because all of the attorneys and judges that I know are fine practitioners of the law and deserve the respect of their peers and fellow citizens.

When I was straddling the fence and trying to decide whether or not to apply to law school I was given one good piece of advice from a friend who also happened to be an attorney. He said, “There are too many lawyers in the world, but there’s always room for another good one.” That statement helped me realize that even though the naysayers of our profession preach it’s imminent demise, there is, as in any profession, always room for another good one. And if being another good one is what I am able to achieve I know that I will have served my clients and my community well.

Like my fellow bloggers, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you as the year goes on. I hope that fellow students find my comments encouraging and insightful while those of you already in practice may fondly recall memories of times past. At times, I hope to provide thought provoking comments that will result in electronic debate and the free exchange of ideas. We have a great opportunity to share opinions and I look forward to reading them all. I am sure this will be as much a learning experience for me as it is for our readers.


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