Next Steps

This fall marks the beginning of my final year of the dual JD/MBA Program at The University of Tennessee.  It has been a long run filled with its share of both excitement and challenges.

Interestingly, this is my first-ever blog post, but I am pleased to be a part of the Law Launch Project.  You often learn the most by stepping out of your comfort zone, and this is one of those steps for me.  The Project will hopefully be an entertaining and insightful glimpse into the Class of 2014.

For a brief introduction, I am pursuing the business transactions concentration in the College of Law and the MBA Program’s finance concentration.  After two years of law school and one of MBA coursework, I’m taking a combination of law and finance courses this fall before finishing my last semester of law school in the spring.  While in law school, I have been an editor on the Tennessee Law Review and Transactions: Tennessee Journal of Business Law, in addition to serving as a portfolio manager for the Haslam Torch Fund—a long equities portfolio in UT’s College of Business—and President of UT’s Graduate Student Senate.  I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee, where I received the Torchbearer Award—UT’s highest undergraduate student honor.  Running is a passion of mine, and I was a member of the U.S. Junior Men’s Team that competed at the 2004 World Mountain Running Championships in Italy.

It is an interesting time to be entering the legal field.  New trends and lingering effects of the financial crisis are changing the legal environment, and the job market has not hesitated to reflect this shifting landscape.  Great opportunities still exist despite the bleak outlook typically associated with these changes, and I am excited about my next steps.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you over the coming months.


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