Building a Legacy

Blessed doesn’t begin to describe how I feel upon entering my last year of law school. My law school experience thus far has been challenging, as I’m sure most law students would say. Undergraduate was a breeze for me and I figured law school would be the same. I came in believing that I would go into corporate law, graduate with good grades, and have a six-figure job lined up upon graduation – until I took Contracts I.

There I realized that I hated the course and almost every thing about the subject. Then I took exams and my grades were average when before law school I never really understood what average meant. The job market was also horrible and was told I’d be happy to even have something that paid at all. I debated withdrawing from law school and trying something different but decided that I came here for a reason and that I should explore what that reason was. I have been exploring ever since and furthering my law school experience by trying to help others and build a legacy.

Helping others, as I quickly realized, was my true purpose for going to law school. I need to be in a position where I can help others. Law can do that. When there are so many vulnerable people in this country, they need someone that they can depend on to help navigate the waters that we call “the law.” It’s very easy to get lost in the complex language and meanings and it’s easy to give up when you feel like you will never understand. I hate seeing that. I hate seeing others give up on their rights because they think it would be quicker or because they feel as if they don’t have a choice.

I want to touch lives. When I have children I want them to be able to tell their friends, when asked what their mother does for a living, that their mommy helps people. She tries her very hardest to make people happy and that makes her happy. That’s the type of person I am. I care and I love helping others. That is the legacy that I will build and the legacy that will live on when I am no longer on this earth.

Law school is helping me build that legacy. Helping me further my dreams.


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  1. That was awesome and inspirational. I know you will succeed in helping others and building the legacy you so desire.

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